Such a great example of love ~ Getting personal

Happy Anniversary to the best parents in the world!! I know I’m biased, but really these two are very special people. And I realize how blessed I am to have been raised by them. I’m sure there were times when they were raising us kids they wondered if they were doing things right or if we would turn out okay. I’d like to think they did well. ;0)

I realize now that I’m a parent how much we question ourselves about parenting. The most important thing my parents gave us was their love. They supported us kids throughout our growing up years, whether it was attending ballgames, hauling us to horse or cattle shows or being ready with a shoulder to cry on when we needed to vent. They gave us roots, but also wings. We had the freedom to make our own choices, whether good or bad, and they let us learn from them. I think I’ve always been pretty good about appreciating my parents, well except maybe for those middle school years (but I think all kids kind of get dumb in M.S., ha!) But, now that I’m a parent, I really am grateful for all the sacrifices they made and continue to make for us kids.

They have gone through tough times together, like losing loved ones, jobs and moving, but also many wonderful joys like watching us kids graduate from college, get married and have grandchildren. My parents love to be around each other. They joke about how they can hardly go a day without seeing each other. I love how they still make each other laugh. We love you both so very, very much!!


And, just look at their legacy…


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