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One of the best parts of doing family photography is getting to know my clients–––learning who’s quiet and reserved or who loves the camera, while bringing out the best in each,  watching them interact as a family and share moments, seeing who they are and why each one is special to the other. It’s a great gift to be let into their lives. Sometimes they are friends who become clients; other times they are clients who become friends. It’s awesome when they are both!

Having a portrait made can sometimes be thought of as stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s an honor for me when families trust me enough to capture them as they are. It’s a pleasure when my clients realize they can relax and share a little piece of themselves with me. They know I’ll capture it as they envision and we’ll create something beautiful together for them to treasure long after the memories of the moment fade away.

This is such a caring, respectful family. Older ones take care of little ones, mom and dad adore each other, and seriously, how gorgeous is mom?! They are all beautiful people inside and out. They had fun running around this orchard, eating some apples and playing some football as a family.

Thank you D family for such a fun evening together!

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