Shoe Drive ~ Giving Back

I’ve teamed up with a group of photographers to collect shoes (of all shapes, sizes, condition) to donate to Dando Amor National Shoe Drive. Now through March 31, we will be collecting shoes. No catch… just SHOES! Any shoe, any condition… save them from the trash can! Just message me and we can meet to collect them. I’m collecting the shoes for the western Treasure Valley, so those of you in Fruitland, Parma, Payette, New Plymouth, Ontario and surrounding areas, let me know if you have shoes to donate and I’ll come pick them up! Tell your friends! Thanks for your help!!

With spring around the corner, it’s a great time to go through closets. The kids and I have been finding what we’ve outgrown or worn out. Now instead of having to pitch them, we can donate to a great cause!


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