Little Cowboy ~ Lifestyle Children | Parma, Idaho

There are no days in life so memorable as those which vibrated to some stroke
of the imagination. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Using imagination and playing pretend are the essence of childhood. And capturing children and their personalities brings me such joy. This little cowboy rides his stick horse, and his rocking horse every day. He’d ride his own real life horse every day too if he’s mama would let him (wink, wink). He rides around and around, gathering his cows, loading his trucks, feeding his critters…and on really special days he gets to go “do cow work with Daddy.” Aww, these are the moments of childhood. And I want to tell his story right now. This IS who he is. He’s surrounded by cattle, and the ranching lifestyle (And boy are we grateful for our opportunity to raise our family here!) Some day he’ll be grown up and his stick horse will be replaced by a real horse, or even a different kind of horsepower. But, I’ll want to look back and remember my little cowboy.

Maybe you have a little cowboy too. Or a little super hero who wears his cape all day, fighting off the bad guys and ridding the world of evil doers. Maybe your sweet little girl plays princess and tea party. Your kids might be into sports or be little bookworms. A “Your Story” session is the perfect way to capture your little one and tell their story–whatever it might be.


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