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sunset baby

Sometimes you see an image and it just hits you, but you’re not even sure why. I just love this photo of my baby. It’s not anything super special, but I love the light in it. I had brought her outside and just plopped her down while I was shooting some sky photos. I realized I hadn’t photographed her in the “golden light” at all. It’s so warm and yummy! I just love it! Wrote that one down on my “must do soon” list.

It’s been unbearably hot a few days this summer, but I still love the evening time around our place. Living in the country is such a blessing; it’s quiet and calm—for the most part. And the kids love playing outside. Hard to get them in at night.

I’ve been shooting more for me lately, and am loving it. I was able to capture several nights of sunset photos around the ranch recently, and creating art from what we see and experience every day really does my creative soul good.

I’ll be posting a Your Story Newborn session soon; loved everything about it! And you’ll probably starting seeing more of kiddos around here again too. They have been inspiring me for a long time, and focusing on them and capturing their memories is my priority right now.

On another not-so-fun note is I’ve been getting a ton of spam comments on my site—like 700 of them in a week, so I’ve made some changes to hopefully block more it. Please leave a comment and let me know how hard/easy it was. I don’t want to block those true friends and fans! I would definitely appreciate it! I know it’s been quiet around the blog, but just because our life is anything but quiet right now! A friend of mine shared with me awhile ago, “I’m too blessed to be stressed,” and I think that’s a great mantra for me right now too!

Hope you all enjoyed a great 4th of July holiday. We spent it up in the mountains and around the lake with family. Nothing like getting out in nature to help you appreciate all the blessings we experience in this land we call home. Happy Monday everyone, and have a great week!

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