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I’m so excited to share these images, and the little announcement about my new take on the cake smash session! I know cake smash sessions have become quite popular in recent years as a way to celebrate a baby’s milestone first birthday. It’s always fun to see the little one’s face when they take that first bite of frosting and cake. Some are timid; some just dive right in. I have to admit, it’s really quite fun to capture these memories of them.

As a mom, one thing I’ve always tried to be aware of with my own kiddos is the amount of sugar they were getting during their entire first of life, and even now as they are growing up. Now don’t get me wrong, we love sweets around our house, but we also know they are best enjoyed in moderation. Therefore, I am pleased to offer all my Cake Smash clients a special “First Birthday” Cake for their session. I’m working with the talented baker, Samantha Lopez, of Sammy’s Sweets to provide a cake made with only natural ingredients and sweetened with fruit. Each cake will be custom decorated to match the color theme for the session, but will be a healthier option for your little one.

And anyone who has seen a baby enjoy their cake also knows how messy it can be. Rather than have you try to clean up baby with some handy wipes from the diaper bag, I’m providing a little bubble bath session instead. Baby gets a nice warm bath to splash and play around in, I capture some cute moments of them in the tub, and you don’t have to worry about trying to clean up a sticky baby!

So, if you have a soon-to-be one-year-old, then give me a call. I still have some openings for Essence mini-sessions and Cake Smashes in my home studio this fall. Call me at (208) 739-2265 to find out more details. And if you have older children celebrating a birthday, I have something special for them too, as part of my Birthday Club. If you are in need of a cake or dessert for a special occasion, be sure and give Samantha a call too!

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