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Aww, a sweet, sweet family waiting on their precious little bundle. I love photographing maternity sessions as there is so much excitement surrounding the arrival of a new baby, whether a couple is just starting their family or adding to the family they’ve already created. This session was no exception—we made brownies, we played football, we read books, we jumped on the bed—oops don’t tell mom. We captured lots of love, snuggles, giggles and laughs as this family celebrated this time in their lives.

It was very important for mom to capture in the images the special bond she has with each of her children. As a fellow mom, I understand as much as you are excited to bring home a new baby, you also love how things are with the children you already have. That’s why this “Your Story” session was perfect for their family. Not only did we capture a beautiful expectant mother, more importantly, we documented her family in a real, authentic and playful way. Little Cici talks and sings to her baby sister, anxiously waiting for the day they can play together. And Big brother J, who is soft and sensitive, yet strong and playful too, is ready to protect another little sister whenever she needs him. They were a family of four very much excited to welcome a new babe, yet knew how with the newness comes change. There is always that excitement, but also nervousness about how things will be different when you add to your family. I had those same feelings each time we added a new baby. And as they will experience as well, as your family grows, so does your capacity to love.

I’ve created my “Your Story” sessions to include a beautifully designed story album that includes all the best images from your session to tell your story in a complete and unique way. In the midst of changing diapers, fixing dinner and helping with homework, it might be easy to forget these special moments this family has shared. Yet, when the house is quiet and there is a little time to reflect, their story album will be there waiting to bring the memories flooding back.

I am fortunate to work in an area with some amazing photographers, and mom Cyndee is an awesomely talented wedding and senior photographer in Boise. I love being able to trade work with other professionals, and this was truly a pleasure for me! Thank you, Cyndee for inviting me into your home and trusting me to capture this special time your lives. It was an absolute hoot spending a day with all of you. Congrats on that sweet bundle of joy; God bless you always!

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