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For those who’ve had a baby, think back to those first few days home with a newborn. Whether it was your first child or you were adding to your family, remember how you felt. Maybe you were unsure of what you were doing or a little overwhelmed. Most definitely you were sleep deprived. But an even greater feeling was the incredible joy you felt as you held that baby in your arms. All your hopes and dreams, and all the happiness that surrounded that new little life you created. As you looked at all his little features, you soaked in the tiny nose and baby toes. You wanted to hang on to that time with all your might because you knew how fast he would change and grow. You remembered sitting in the rocking chair feeding him at 3 a.m. and even though you were exhausted, there was no place else you’d rather be.

While we can’t actually have that time back, we can create YOURStory Album that will take you back to that time, to those memories, to the first days that began your baby’s story.

It was such a fun day spending time with Eleanor and her two sweet boys to capture these special memories of her family. From big brother Evan helping “capture” his own photos of baby brother to watching Eleanor’s sweet and patient manner with both her sons, I couldn’t help but enjoy my time with them.

Click Baby Evan’s Your Story Album to see more images from this session. And leave them some love! If this post receives 20 or more comments, the family receives a special gift from me.

Here’s to many more happy memories as you watch your baby grow!

To find out more about my lifestyle newborn sessions and Your Story Album Collections, please contact me (208) 739-2265. Your Story is worth capturing.

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