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DSC_3946_webDSC_3950_webDSC_3953_webHappy 6th Birthday to our little man! He decided he wanted a football birthday as we were having his party on the day of the Superbowl, so it worked out perfectly. He also had a football birthday when he turned three, so I had a few things around I could still use. He asked for Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes, which his oldest sister made for him (she loves to bake). She and her dad also made an Oreo Dip in the shape of a football as a dessert.

Looking back, I can’t believe how much has changed. I had a hard time when he turned five last year knowing he would be going to Kindergarten. But I think six is even more bittersweet. He just looks so much more grown up. He’s a great big brother to his baby sister, and he loves his big sisters too. He comes up with the best one-liners. I still smile thinking about one in particular. We came home from a family Christmas in December, and it was dark and late. He started putting on his work clothes and said, “If I’m going to call myself a man, I have to go out and check my pigs right now.” Oh it was the funniest thing.

He still loves going with Dad to help with cows (and pigs) now. He plays cows at home, but also loves cars, trucks and trains—really anything he can push around. He enjoys building things whether it be with paper, tape, glue and cardboard or Legos. He loves to help cook and with chores. He’s looking forward to wrestling practice (which starts today) and already talks about playing football when he’s in first grade.

Slow down, son! You don’t have to grow up so fast! Love this little guy of ours!

2015-02-03_00032015-02-03_0001A look back at all his birthday parties; John Deere 1st Birthday, Orange Creamsicle Cake for 2nd Birthday, Football Party for 3rd Birthday, Angus Cow Party for 4th Birthday and a store-bought cake for his 5th birthday. (I love making the kids’ cakes, but some years you can only do so much. As you can tell he still loved it!)

Excited to watch this little guy grow up and celebrate many more birthday memories!


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