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Bryn_wakingupDSC_3333_web Bryn_wakingupDSC_3340_web Bryn_wakingupDSC_3342_web Bryn_wakingupDSC_3343_web Bryn_wakingupDSC_3351bw_web Bryn_wakingupDSC_3353bw_web Bryn_wakingupDSC_3358_webI’ve always been a lifestyle photographer. I’ve always captured every day moments of my family and children from their first hours of life because I wanted to document everything. Telling the story has been important to me all my life, and more so now that I have four little ones. Every moment moves quickly and I already forget what I don’t write down or freeze with my lens.

I know it’s easy to only capture the happy moments, the ones when everyone is smiling and looking great. But, my heart just melted a little when my babe woke up from her nap the other day. She was still so groggy and a little grumpy, but absolutely adorable too. A few days prior she had wanted me to paint her little toenails. How can you resist painted baby toes? I do love at the very end of taking a few pics of her, that little sparkle and personality came shining through. I did get one little smile. :0)

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