Idaho Junior Beef Expo 2015 ~ Lifestyle Livestock Photography | Filer, Idaho

These photos represent lots of family memories for us. Each year our family heads to the Idaho Junior Beef Expo show in Filer, Idaho. My husband, his brothers and sister, used to show there, and now our kids have the opportunity to compete and enjoy the youth activities they have planned each year. It’s a great show with a family-friendly atmosphere. The kids love to show, but they also have just as much fun hanging out with friends too.stockshowlife IJBE__0001

This was the first year our son had a chance to show in the pre-Peewee Division of the Hereford show. He was so excited to show his sister’s Hereford heifer, Lizzy. I think my favorite pic is the one just above. He’s still trying to figure out how to manuever the show stick, which is used to help set up the animal’s feet and scratch their belly to keep them calm. This is also our middle daughter’s first year to show a Hereford and we are very proud of her. She’s a little more timid, but excited to learn and improve.
IJBE__0003 IJBE__0004 IJBE__0005 IJBE__0006 IJBE__0007 IJBE__0008

Loved capturing this moment of my girls!

IJBE__0009 IJBE__0010

Champion Junior Angus Showman!

IJBE__0011 IJBE__0012 IJBE__0013 IJBE__0014 IJBE__0015 IJBE__0016

That grin says it all. She was pretty darn excited to show her big sister’s Angus heifer and win the Peewee Angus Showmanship division.

IJBE__0017 IJBE__0018 IJBE__0019 IJBE__0020 IJBE__0021 IJBE__0022 IJBE__0023 IJBE__0024 IJBE__0025 IJBE__0026 IJBE__0027 IJBE__0028 IJBE__0029 IJBE__0030 IJBE__0031 IJBE__0032 IJBE__0033 IJBE__0034 IJBE__0035 IJBE__0036

So many fun memories hanging out with friends and cattle!

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