Showing Cattle

One of the activities we enjoy as a family is showing cattle. Our kids are starting to get more involved in junior breed associations and 4-H events so several weekends from May through August are usually spent at a livestock show. It’s a lot of hard work, not only the day of, but also at home in preparation. However, it’s also so much fun. We enjoy seeing cattle friends who have become more like extended family. The kids enjoy hanging out and helping each other. And even though it’s a competition, the memories made are what will last a lifetime, long after the plaques on the trophies fade. Here are some of our favorite show memories from the Treasure Valley Classic show in May. It was our second daughter’s very first time to show. She was so excited. I had butterflies in my stomach just like I did when our oldest showed her first Hereford heifer. But she did a great job and had a great experience. All we could ask for her first time out!

Little brother and sister enjoyed getting in on as much action as they could, helping clean pens and watching from the sidelines. The morning started off early about 5 a.m., but the girls were all smiles while washing their heifers before we headed to the show. Little Miss B saw everyone had a comb in their pocket, so she had to have one too!

It’s also fun to share this experience with my inlaws too. The girls had two uncles and an aunt come help them get ready to show. It’s all about the kids and family!

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