Showing Sheep

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Our second daughter is showing sheep this year for the first time. It’s her first year in 4-H and she has been hooked from the beginning. In fact, the new 4-H year started in October, and she asked almost weekly when she would be getting her sheep. We picked them out in April and brought them home in May. Needless to say, she’s made up for the prior months not having them as she feeds and waters them several times a day, as well as works with them twice a day. It’s really nice to know she can be outside with them by herself and I don’t have to worry about her. And Little Sis always tags along; she may love the sheep more than anyone! During 4th of July weekend she attended a local show. It was great for her and the sheep to get out and get some experience away from home. Older sister and younger brother also participated in showmanship; they both had fun too!

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