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One of the most fun parts of photographing littles is seeing how they grow and change, and that’s why I especially love my baby plan clients. I got to capture the brand new babe with wrinkled hands and tiny toes in the loving arms of his parents, then a chubby, smiley 6-month-old followed by the toddling, sometimes wobbly one-year-old with his sense of adventure and a brand new world waiting to be explored. These little ones grow so fast!

I’m so thankful for the clients who trust me to preserve these memories and milestones for them to enjoy long after the baby stage is over in a beautiful, heirloom Your Story Album.

Happy Birthday, Little G! You are one cute cowboy!

If this post receives 10 or more comments, Baby G and his family will receive a complimentary gift from me, so share the love.


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