Baby Boy W ~ Idaho Newborn Photographer

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Every baby is a miracle, and this newborn baby boy is no exception. He has captured the hearts of his family from Day 1. I was excited to photograph his lifestyle newborn session at home with his parents and adorable older brother, who I also had the pleasure of photographing. It’s especially rewarding working with repeat clients because I get to see them grow and change as well. It’s always interesting to see how older siblings will react when a new baby joins the family, but Big Brother J, was so sweet with his baby brother. I think these two will grow up to be best buds.Welcome to the world sweet baby W!

Capturing families where they live and love is what I do best. Everyone stays much more relaxed, and we can capture real, authentic, playful moments! We take family shots when I arrive, usually since baby is still alert and awake, which allows me to also get to know mom/dad better, and have any older siblings warm up a little. A session with me is more like a playdate when there are children involved; it’s all about having fun. I’ve been known to put down my camera and even play games for the first few minutes. It also allows me to see a glimpse of who they really are, and how best to interact with them to get the genuine expressions we all want captured.  After that, mom feeds the baby, then we swaddle he/she to get all warm and cozy to fall asleep. We take the time we need for feedings, swaddling and snuggling, capturing sweet moments throughout the session. I also make sure to get all the details—wisps of hair, wrinkly fingers, tiny toes, and more. It’s so rewarding to capture these lifestyle newborn sessions for families! YOUR Story is unique and different, and I enjoy capturing it for you!

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