Lifestyle Maternity Session

What does the tagline Capturing Your Lifestyle mean?
It means truly embracing who you or your family are and being able to tell YOUR story through images. It’s a new mom taking in the smell of her brand new baby and the big sister beaming with pride as she holds her sister for the first time. It’s your sons’ impromptu game of football in the backyard or a walk around the neighborhood holding hands with your husband. It’s having your high school sweetheart whom you’ve been married to for 20 years carve your initials in a fallen down tree by the lake.

Capturing your lifestyle is blowing bubbles with your children as they laugh and try to pop every one of them. It means seeing teenagers let go of their cares and remember being kids swinging at the school playground. It’s enjoying ice cream cones at the local small town soda fountain. It’s riding your favorite horse—or your Harley—and feeling the freedom that comes with it. It’s driving through your pasture on a beautiful summer day and admiring the nature that surrounds you.

It’s a celebration of life when you feel your unborn child moving within your belly. It’s the wrinkled, weathered hands of a granddad holding the chubby fist of his great grandson. With my attention to detail and ability to put people at ease, these moments and many more just like them will be captured and preserved forever.

A sample of the fun we have capturing family memories during this lifestyle maternity session. Call me today to book your own lifestyle portrait session. Scheduling available for 2016.

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