My View | January 2016

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This year I decided to share some more of the every day moments and views I experience from my little place in this world. Some will be landscape as we live in a beautiful place and I really try to capture and appreciate all the nature around us on our ranch. Others will be of my family and the simple moments I capture of who they are and what they are doing at this stage in their lives. They won’t be posed or near perfect, but I hope in their own way they will be beautiful. As a photographer, and really as a person, I have strived for perfection, even though I know it’s unattainable. I have let that desire to get everything just right get in the way at times and I have sometimes forgotten why I picked up my camera in the first place. I feel like at times I have to get back to shooting for me and not being so critical of my craft. Not only does it remind me of the passion I have for capturing my own life, but also makes me a better photographer when it comes to providing services for my clients.

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