My View | March 2016

DSC_1189_WEB DSC_1275_WEB DSC_1288_WEB kidsatbeachDSC_1271_WEB wrestlingDSC_1364_WEB Jayten_7years_DSC_0990_webI realize several of “My View” photos from March are from the same scene. I guess I couldn’t pick just one from our trip to the ocean over spring break. It was the first time my kids and I had been to the Oregon Coast. It wasn’t the best of weather, but that didn’t stop them from playing in the water and sand. All was fun until they got a little too daring with the tide and couldn’t outrun it. Once a couple of them tipped over, it ceased being fun and was time to hit the hotel’s hot tub. I’m so glad we took the extra day and visited. It was a quick trip, and we definitely want to go back, but we made some really fun memories that day. Being a work at home mom, it is sometimes difficult for me to shut off the work part and just be fun mom because work is always there. I love opportunities when we get away from our house, even if it’s only for a little while. I was totally 100 percent focused on my kids and watching them enjoy this for the first time. We would definitely love to go back for a longer stay and warmer weather. :0)

Little J wrestled again this year and his season is February through first part of April. Josh also coached again this year and it’s fun to see how passionate he is about the sport. J moved up an age division this year and had a harder time with the bigger kids he wrestled, but he had fun and learned a lot. I love hearing him tell me what he’s doing and describe different moves. I can tell he is learning a lot and as he practices more and participates in more matches, he’ll start putting more of the pieces together.

J turned 7 last month. He is turning into a little man and much less little boy. He wanted to take his photos in the pasture with the cows. He loves his cows and anything involving cows. I want so much for him. I love having a son and I hope we are raising him with the right amount of “tough and tender.” He’s very helpful, whether with his dad on the ranch or wanting to do things for me at the house. He adores his little sister and is protective of her. He also loves his big sisters and looks up to them. Raising kids is hard. You want so much for them and at least once a day I think I’m probably doing something to mess them up. Ha! I want him to know and love God, to be kind, hard working and respectful to himself and others. That is my daily prayer.

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