My View | April 2016

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Usually by April we are seeing more signs of spring around the ranch. The grass has greened up, flowers start blooming and the weather gets warmer. My little miss loves helping water the flowers and I couldn’t help capture her trying to wrangle that big ol’ watering can. She was very determined to get it done by herself. I also love seeing her little boots—passed down from her brother—and almost guaranteed to be on the wrong feet each time she wears them.

Our calving season went quite well this year and we were fortunate to not have had too many calves who needed bottle fed. However, there were a couple sets of twins toward the end of the season and the kids were tasked with taking care of one of the calves. Some might consider it a chore, but they really loved to be able to mix up the bottle and feed the baby themselves.

One evening we went driving through the pastures to check cows after we fed at the barn. We knew this cow was calving and by the time we drove through one pasture and into the next, she had the baby out and was starting to lick her dry. It’s pretty cool to see a fresh new calf and a momma taking care of it. It’s a little miracle of life that never gets old seeing.

Toward the end of the month, our family took a rode trip to Reno, Nev., for the annual Western National Angus Futurity. The ranch exhibited cattle and our oldest also showed her heifer and steer. One of my favorite images was of her walking with her little sister. Melts this momma heart for sure!

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