My View | May 2016

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May was a busy month for sure! We had several end-of-the-year school activities, celebrated two family birthdays, enjoyed a wonderful visit from my parents, picked up the 4-H sheep, attended a cattle show and participated in a livestock clinic. Whew! It was a whirlwind month, but full of memories. Sometimes the only camera I had with me was on my phone, but other days I took a little more time to capture some details of what life looked like this month.

Our littlest one LOVES Playdoh. Like “happy to play with it every day” because she loves it so much. It’s a quiet activity and usually she’s content to play at the table molding and shaping for a good while. On this particular day I went into the living room to find her playing with it while watching cartoons. I couldn’t get too mad because she had taken the lid off the basket the Playdoh is kept in to use as her little table, so at least it wasn’t on the floor. What I was most amazed at was the way she was had figured out how to squeeze it out of one of the tools to make thin strips and was wrapping it around a thin stick. She was quite proud of herself and showed me exactly how to do it. I had to chuckle as I noticed she’d also been playing with markers—her legs were her canvas. Awww, that girl.

J had been asking about flag football for months. This was the first year he could play and he was so excited. He learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We were so thankful for a great coach who really helped the kids learn the fundamentals and was very encouraging.

I absolutely love these purple tulips. They always make me smile when I see them. They were actually a surprise after we moved into this house. Our inlaws had planted them when they lived here, but I never noticed them before. We moved in during the summer so it was the following spring when several bunches of tulips started blooming. It was such a treat! They always make me think of my mother-in-law, and of course the purple ones are my favorite.

At the show we went to in May, my brother-in-law came to help the kids. It kind of melted my heart to see him take MJ aside and show her some ways to clip her heifer. Matt was just a little boy when Josh and I married, so I’ve literally watched him grow up. It’s neat to see him help his nieces and nephews.

Mackenzie had wanted to earn money for her trip to the National History Bee and since she loves to bake, she sold these Maple Glazed Cinnamon Rolls. She set aside a day to get all of the dough made and rolled out. The entire table was full!

My view might not always be exciting or glamorous, but the moments I captured certainly represent a very full life. I am very grateful for the big and little things that make up our days.

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