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natural light outdoor children's photography Jayten_7years_DSC_0966_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0968_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0970_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0973_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0978_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0981_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0990_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0994_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0998_web
Jayten_7years_DSC_1008_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1010_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1013_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1014_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1019_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1030_webAt first I titled this post Little Cowboy, but my boy is less little and more kid. Sure, he’ll always be my little boy, but I can see some growth over last year. He was excited to have some updated birthday pictures done this year. One thing I’ve found when photographing my own kids is to let less of my “wants” to dictate the session. I usual offer a few suggestions, but they love to help plan what they wear, where we go, what we do, etc.

He was very excited to grab his hat, rope and boots and head out to the pasture with the cows. He’d spend most days with his Dad watching, learning, helping on the ranch if he could.

He really loves animals of all kinds and most of the books he chooses from school are about animals. He had a fun year in first grade and I love listening to him as he learns to read. He asked for Hank the Cowdog books for his birthday, which are a little advanced for him yet, but I read the first one to him and he loves the chapters. I remember the series from when I was a kid so it’s fun to share them with him.

He enjoys helping in the kitchen, planning dinner and baking cookies. Hopefully this will serve him well one day when he’s on his own, although I don’t wish time to go by any faster than it already is.

I feel blessed to be able to raise a son—and a little nervous! I want him to grow up to be hard working, kind and respectful—especially to women. Even though he’s only 7, there are so many things his Dad and I want to instill in him. Sometimes he seems so grown up and other days I just want to grab him, hold him close and never let him go!

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