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Oh, this girl. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. We’ve said that about her since day one and we can’t imagine our life without her. She definitely brings a liveliness to our family. I love her smile and her laugh. I can’t believe she hit double digits this spring. Where has the time gone? I have to admit she’s challenged me in ways I never wanted as a parent, yet I am also more blessed because she is my daughter. She is teaching me. We’re more alike than I first thought as she is the second-born and I am the first. However, parts of her personality definitely come from me.

I’ve seen her struggle with things that come easier to her siblings, yet also see her rise above challenges in ways I never imagined. She’s a helper and a hugger. I don’t think she’s ever met a stranger. I have watched her grow into her own kind of leader this year. We’ve always tried to be careful about comparing our kids as you really can’t compare them—they each of their own strengths, likes and dislikes, personalities. It’s fun to see her find things she’s good at and enjoys. I think that’s the thing I want most as a parent, to help each of my children be the best “them” they can be. Our little E, growing up faster than I want and despite all my attempts to keep her little. One thing is for sure; no matter how old she gets, I hope she never loses her sparkle!

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