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We have a teenager in the house. Well, we have had one for six months now, but we’ll not talk about me being behind on posting sessions again. Mkay, moving on. She’s always been pretty mature for her age, yet there is a childlike quality about her too. Thank goodness! Don’t grow up too fast sweet girl. She’s not afraid to be silly, and I hope she never loses that quality. I can take myself too seriously sometimes and that is not a trait I want to pass onto my kiddos. She loves to make me laugh and always seems to sense when I need a hug. Her love of learning continues and we’re excited to see where that takes her. We’ve had some fun mother/daughter trips during the past year. I cherish these experiences and memories we’re making together.

We had fun during her special birthday session last fall. She added some new hardware to her smile and a few inches to her height. I’m pretty sure she’s going to outgrow her dad and me! She loves showing cattle and does a good job. She entered the 7th grade and seems to be handling the transition like a pro. We enjoyed watching her run cross country, play basketball and now tennis for her school. We try not to put too much pressure on her, but really appreciate how responsible and helpful she is around the house and with her younger siblings.

We’re so thankful for this kind, caring and hard working young lady. Each birthday that passes is just a little more bittersweet. So grateful for healthy and happy kids, but each day they get a little closer to being on their own. Of course, that’s our main goal, raising children who are kind, generous, productive adults. But, they will always be my babies! I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish time would slow down, but I really try to enjoy and appreciate each stage my children are in. There are hard times and blessings through it all!

Sometimes the tween/teen years get a bad rap, and for sure there are growing pains. But, it’s also a time for kids to delve further into their personalities and figure out a little more about who they are. I don’t want to miss capturing this stage of my own kids or others. Kids need to know what gifts they are. I want them each to recognize their God-given talents, learn to make good friends and be a good friend, be able to make and learn from mistakes in a safe environment, and remember how truly special each one is. Kids tend to grow up too fast already; a lifestyle portrait session helps capture these moments in time. And I must not be too uncool because there was minimal eye rolling during this session, ha!

You can enjoy the rest of the images in her YOURStorybook.

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