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What’s on your Christmas list? If you like to stay organized or know someone who does, a 2018 planner would be a great idea! I learned about the Heart of the Farm Planner in 2016 on Instagram. Late in the year I purchased my first HOTF planner and really liked the design and layout. Cory has a really neat shop and takes such time and care designing her products she offers.

I had used a similar planner before that I really liked as well, but honestly wanted to support a different small business owner. I also liked that the HOTF planner has pages for meal planning, places to list out dreams, goals and notes, as well as space for writing out what I’m grateful for. I appreciate having a space to do more journaling rather than always having a separate journal. I went with a daily style vs. weekly this year. I like that Cory offers different options. I’m already looking forwarding to using my 2018 planner!

What I really love about this planner is the design and beautiful agriculture photography. Cory highlights different photographer’s work in her planners. I took a brave step and submitted my work to be considered for the 2018 planner. And one of my photographs was selected! So excited!! I just love this image of one of our Angus herd sires.

When I ordered my planner, I also chose some other products from the shop, including tea towels, note cards and colored pens. I have a color coded system for my planner and our family wall calendar. Work, school, church, 4-H, and other activities each have their own color. I’ve used this system for the last few years and it’s worked really well. For example, the kids can look at the calendar and see orange writing and known it is something school related (orange is a school color).

The packaging was beautiful and so much attention to detail was put into everything. I also appreciate this product is Made in the U.S.A.

This is not a sponsored post, but use this link to order through if you are interested.

I have just been really pleased with the product and enjoy supporting other small business owners. I wanted to share my experience in case your Christmas list includes a 2018 planner.

I’m offering prints and canvas of this image for sale. You can reach me at info@maggiemalsonphotography.com if you are interested in purchasing.

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