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Fresh 48 Newborn Session

This little lady was prayed for and loved long before she arrived, but has everyone even more smitten now that she’s here. And she took her sweet time too, overshooting her due date, having us all wonder when she was going to make her appearance. She’s in good company though as her Lolli, great aunt and her uncle all have …

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Oh the many faces this girl makes crack me up! She’s not lacking personality. I want to capture it all—the smile, the silly, the stinker face, the serious! It’s all part of who she is. These childhood sessions are so fun because I can just let the kids be and they show me so much expression. These wild sunflowers always …

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It’s calving time! (Cue the Semisonic lyrics. Anyone else think of It’s Closing Time? Just me? Mkay.) Thankfully it’s been a mild winter so calving this year hasn’t been that hard on the cattle or the guys. Last year there was so much snow and we had to bring many pairs into the barn to calve or right after calving, …

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