Summer Night Session | Parma Couples Photographer

Fun couple. Check. Gorgeous setting. Check. Beautiful weather. Check. Bug spray. Check. (It is mosquito season, after all! LOL!) 

summer night session

Michelle is a hop farmer, and our ties to agriculture brought us together. I love meeting other farmers and ranchers, and learning about what they do. We got together for an event she was hosting (stay tuned for those images) and she sneaked her good sport of a beau, Brandon, outside for some beautiful evening portraits. We also brought along Michelle’s sister and friends for some photos that captured their fun personalities.

  couples photographercouples photographercouples photographer couples photographer couples photographer

As a couples photographer, I love when clients trust me enough to relax and enjoy the process of capturing who they are, and where they live and love. It’s all part of their story. I don’t just want to capture what my clients look like, but to also their stories and connections with each other. It was fun to learn more about this family as we spent the evening together. The girls work in their family’s hop business and their family has grown hops since 1895! Did you know hops are the cone-shaped flowers that help give beer it’s flavoring and stability? Idaho ranks second in hops production in the country. Next time you enjoy a beer, you can thank a hop farmer!

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