Sweet 16

Oh how I love these girls! It was so fun they all celebrated a milestone “Sweet 16” birthday within a couple months of each other last fall. (Yes, I realize how behind I am in blogging, but hey, maybe #quarantine is good for something…like catching up.) We decided to commemorate the occasion with a friends photo shoot.

They each are so talented, kind, funny and beautiful. I know sometimes teenagers get a bad rap for being moody and hard to talk to (and yes, they all have their moments), but really, they are wonderful young women.

I’m thankful they weren’t “too cool” to follow my directions and be a little silly too. They had so much fun getting ready together, doing each other’s hair and make up, and spending time together. It certainly makes these memories even more special as we are experiencing #socialdistancing right now.

I love their mamas too! It was a great night spent with great women, just enjoying each other’s company.

It’s been fun watching these girls grow up, learn to be there for each other through the years of elementary, middle and now high school. I can’t wait to see where the world takes them as they continue to grow up. But, hopefully, not too soon. Thankfully they aren’t high school seniors yet!! I still remember when they started Kindergarten!!

Here’s to many more memories and friendship!


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