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Sweet 16

Oh how I love these girls! It was so fun they all celebrated a milestone “Sweet 16” birthday within a couple months of each other last fall. (Yes, I realize how behind I am in blogging, but hey, maybe #quarantine is good for something…like catching up.) We decided to commemorate the occasion with a friends photo shoot. They each are …

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From Tween to Teen! We recently celebrated this girl hitting a milestone birthday! Planning a 13th birthday party for girls is so fun, especially with the help of my party planning SIL, Stephanie. She did amazing putting our patio and decor together for the event. Emma had requested a backyard movie party, similar to her sister’s 13th birthday party. We …

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We have a teenager in the house. Well, we have had one for six months now, but we’ll not talk about me being behind on posting sessions again. Mkay, moving on. She’s always been pretty mature for her age, yet there is a childlike quality about her too. Thank goodness! Don’t grow up too fast sweet girl. She’s not afraid …

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