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One of the reasons I love my baby plan clients is getting to see a little one as they first enter the world as a tiny newborn, then again as a squishy 6 month old. They have grown and changed so much in half a year’s time. By 6 months old, babies are usually smiling, laughing and babbling, grabbing fingers …

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Six months old is such a fun baby stage. I love capturing all the squishy goodness of babies this age. They are usually sitting or close to it, love to play with their toes, smile and laugh a lot. My baby plan includes this little mini session around 5-7 months or when babies are sitting on their own, but not …

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Baby girl is 6 months old, and I’m hardly believing half her first year has gone by already. She really is a happy baby, smiling at everyone she sees. I love capturing her squishyness now (is that a word?!). She’s playing with her feet now; oh how I love baby feet! Tummy time is more fun now and she’s rolled …

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