About Maggie Malson

Maggie MalsonIdaho Lifestyle PhotographerThanks for stopping by. I’m Maggie. I’m sharing a little about myself here, like what’s important to me:

My faith-couldn’t get through life without God. He’s my rock through all the up and downs of life.
My family-my husband and kids who bring me joy, make me laugh, drive me nuts, and keep our days full and loud!
Agriculture and rural life-I was raised in rural America, and now live and work with family on a cattle ranch. Everyone needs fed and clothed, and I’m passionate about the people who make that possible.
Telling stories-I love interviewing and writing stories and articles about the people, places and business of agriculture.
Photographing people and capturing every day moments-Life moves so quickly these days and we can easily get caught up in the next great thing. I want to focus on the important people in life.

Whether it’s writing, designing, reading a book, scrapbooking or trying new recipes in the kitchen, I love all things creative. And I dream about flipping a house some day. HGTV, anyone?!

Most days you can find me with coffee in my hand as I’m juggling mom life and working from home, and I have decided life is too short to not enjoy dessert. Does a handful of chocolate chips count as dessert?

I’m a Kansas native putting down roots in Idaho. I may be living near the famous “Blue Turf” and in “Vandal Nation,” but you can bet I still wear purple and cheer for my K-State Wildcats whenever I can. I love to laugh, watch my children play, relax with friends, and drive through the pastures checking cows with my husband.

As long as I can remember, photos have brought me great joy. Whether it’s the snapshots my mother took of us kids riding banana seat bikes with friends or showing animals in 4-H, I love looking back and remembering.

I’ve been a writer and artist all my life—making up short stories in grade school, painting my way through high school, and majoring in agricultural communications and journalism in college. It only felt right that I combine those passions into a career, documenting life through my pen and camera lens.