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It’s that time again for another Small Business Spotlight! I realized I missed posting this in March as my parents for here for a visit, so we may just get two of them for April (yay)! I’m pleased to share with you the graphic designer behind Accent Design. I’ve known Deanna for many years, as we met when she was …

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Last year when I was working on a new blog layout I also decided I wanted to spotlight other women in business and the idea for the Small Business Spotlight was born. I have several friends and acquaintances I’ve met who have either created their own business by making one-of-a-kind crafts, home decor or design items, or others who use …

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I don’t have a lot of time to read blogs anymore, but I still have a huge blogroll with all the sites I had bookmarked. There are all sorts of blogs–blogs about photography, cooking and crafts. Others are personal blogs of friends and family. (I have to admit, I keep up with most of my friends on Facebook now…) And …

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Introducing my new blog… This has been in the works for quite awhile now, and really there are a lot more updates coming. But, I just couldn’t wait any longer to showcase it. My old blog will remain in place and can be found here, but will not be updated anymore. You’ll still see images from recent sessions, tips and …

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