Super Silly ~ Essence Child Studio Session | Boise, Idaho

orange t-shirt, four-year-old boy, sillynessstoryboardHendrick004storyboardHendrick005four-year-old boy

I’ve been photographing Mister H since he was a newborn. It’s so fun to watch clients growing up, and he has been no exception. We had a super fun time during his Essence Studio Mini-Session, capturing not only how much he’s grown and changed during the past year, but also his fun personality.

My Essence Studio Mini-sessions may be simpler and shorter in nature than a YOURStory session, but we still capture the very “Essence” of who a child is, letting their uniqueness shine through with timeless portraits. Book yours today!

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like Mister H had fun.

  2. What a fun looking session, and a cute little guy!

  3. Well he had fun, eh? Very cool concept. I think that while photographers try to find new ways to be set themselves apart, they can forget the simplest thing, and that is to just have fun. THe good time had by both of you is evident in these images.

  4. What a character. I love these.


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