As an Idaho newborn lifestyle photographer, I love capturing baby nursery details. From the ultrasound photo and first books to the photo on the wall of her daddy as a young boy, Miss A’s sweet little room has personal touches everywhere. I encourage clients to find something meaningful like a blanket or keepsake to use in their sessions. Those personal …

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I love being an Idaho baby photographer and have photographed this little cutie since she was a bump in her mama’s belly. How can it be there she’s a year old already?! It was fun to capture her early toddling steps and see how’s she’s grown and changed since her newborn and six month sessions. I love that her mama …

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In June, we drove to north Idaho for the Idaho Cattle Association Summer Round-Up meetings. I love that our midyear conference rotates around different parts of our state. Idaho is a beautiful place to live, and I enjoy seeing all of it during different seasons. I traveled to Lewiston last fall for our oldest daughter’s state cross country meet, then …

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Fun couple. Check. Gorgeous setting. Check. Beautiful weather. Check. Bug spray. Check. (It is mosquito season, after all! LOL!)  Michelle is a hop farmer, and our ties to agriculture brought us together. I love meeting other farmers and ranchers, and learning about what they do. We got together for an event she was hosting (stay tuned for those images) and …

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By Dolly, She’s One! I can hardly believe she’s had her first birthday party already! This little dumplin‘ is the sweetest thing. Her mama came up with the cutest idea for this girl’s first birthday celebration—who doesn’t love Dolly?! I was so excited to design her custom invitation to match the theme too. Hannah thought of so many fun details …

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From Tween to Teen! We recently celebrated this girl hitting a milestone birthday! Planning a 13th birthday party for girls is so fun, especially with the help of my party planning SIL, Stephanie. She did amazing putting our patio and decor together for the event. Emma had requested a backyard movie party, similar to her sister’s 13th birthday party. We …

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custom photo graduation invitations

I love custom designing invitations and other paper products for our family’s personal celebrations, as well as using client images to create one-of-kind invitations for their special occasions. The paper invitation gives the first impression of the upcoming event. It shares a hint as to the style and theme, whether it’s casual or formal. It also provides important details like …

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Oh little Jack. It was fun to have this little one year old in for a studio session recently. He was just learning to walk. At this stage, babies have so much personality. They are starting to babble too. One of his words was “Alexa!” Mom told me at home he loves to hear Alexa play Baby Shark! We played …

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It’s hard to say I have a favorite kind of photography session because each one offers me a unique opportunity to work as an artist, create memories for my clients, and capture their unique and personal stories. I enter each YOURStory session with this goal in mind, and this is why I specialize in these sessions and make them the …

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show pig

Our boy had wanted to show a pig in 4-H ever since he was six years old. Jayten talked about pigs all the time. His first oral presentation contest talk was on the cuts of pork when he was a Cloverbud (not old enough to compete, but could do projects for display). He loved helping his friend with his pigs …

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It’s hard to pick a favorite from this senior girl’s portraits as Miss A is such a charming, funny, beautiful young woman. We had fun finding locations and clothing to highlight her favorite activities and her personality during her YOURStory senior portrait session.   Softball was important to her during high school, and we captured some unique images highlighting the …

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When you get to meet with a fun, sweet senior girl and take her portraits, it’s always a good day. I’ve know Miss A for many years now, watching her grow up and compete in 4-H and FFA events at our local fair, attend church together, and see her change into a lovely young woman. Wishing you the very best …

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We feel very blessed with our life and raising our kids on a cattle ranch. We are able to have a rural lifestyle that allows for lots of time outdoors in the fresh air, running around, doing outside chores, learning responsibility by taking care of animals and the land in our care. Other life lessons that just come naturally with …

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six month photos

I love all the baby stages, but there is something about six month photos that always make my heart flutter. Babies at this age (photos are usually taken anywhere from 5-8 months when they are able to sit unassisted) are just such a joy. It’s usually cuteness overload because babies are smiling, sometimes laughing, and are becoming so expressive. This …

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This is my favorite season! Not only is it time for pumpkin spice everything, apple cider and fall foliage, it’s fall calving time! Our cattle herd is divided into two breeding groups—the spring cows calve January through March. The fall cows calve August through October. And while anytime a new calf is born is cause for celebration, the fall calves …

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Silly and six. She’s a little sassy too. LOL! That’s a pretty good description of the little miss these days. She started Kindergarten this fall and is loving it so far. With each birthday, we see more and more of her personality. And I’ll never tire of capturing it—the silly, sassy and sometimes, serious side. To say she brings us …

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When the Last One Starts School

I cried all the way home. It was the first time that had happened—not the crying, of course, I am admittedly an emotional girl—but it was the first time I cried after a first-day-of-school drop-off. My youngest started kindergarten that day. I knew the day would come. It’s time. She was ready. I was not. I always drive my kids …

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cattle at sunrise

“The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise. The Lord is all I have and so I put my hope in Him.” Lamentations 3:22-24 Sunrises and sunsets remind me of my friend, Julie. Even before she passed away, if I saw a great one, she would come to mind because I …

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baby girl in studio

Oh sweetness! I was thrilled to have this seven month old and her big brother in the studio recently. Their grandma is a friend of mine who has done some great work with a community organization I’ve supported. I photographed brother when he was a baby and it was fun to see these siblings together. I truly love all the …

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I’m so excited to share this sweet modern and feminine nursery and the sweetest little babe who calls it home. Baby O‘s room is full of something old, something new, something borrowed, and a few things blush. I love all the details Hannah used to create a nursery that reflects her childhood, the bond of family, and her and Joe’s …

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Welcome to the world, Sweet Baby O. You are so loved!

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Fresh 48 Newborn Session

This little lady was prayed for and loved long before she arrived, but has everyone even more smitten now that she’s here. And she took her sweet time too, overshooting her due date, having us all wonder when she was going to make her appearance. She’s in good company though as her Lolli, great aunt and her uncle all have …

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Oh the many faces this girl makes crack me up! She’s not lacking personality. I want to capture it all—the smile, the silly, the stinker face, the serious! It’s all part of who she is. These childhood sessions are so fun because I can just let the kids be and they show me so much expression. These wild sunflowers always …

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It’s calving time! (Cue the Semisonic lyrics. Anyone else think of It’s Closing Time? Just me? Mkay.) Thankfully it’s been a mild winter so calving this year hasn’t been that hard on the cattle or the guys. Last year there was so much snow and we had to bring many pairs into the barn to calve or right after calving, …

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baby lamb

Welcome to the world, little one! “Duke,” nicknamed Lil’ dude by my youngest, made his appearance Jan. 22. He has been a highly talked about and much anticipated addition to our animal family. My oldest purchased and showed his mother, Olive, last year. She was bred in the fall, then after a five month gestation, became a mom! Of course …

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Angus bull, January, Idaho

The months of January through March are usually known as the “season of muck” around here. Now last year, we were covered in snow, but it’s more typical to have a winter and spring like this year. We may get a few snowstorms, but it doesn’t last long. If the ground doesn’t freeze, then things get mucky. The ground is …

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boutique fashion

When I think of the one person who knows boutique fashion, it’s this gal! She’s a rockstar! I love Jessie’s style, or more importantly, the confidence she has in her style. Plus, she’s down to earth, an awesome boss babe and a great cattlewoman. I’ve been fortunate to work with her professionally and to call her a friend. We got …

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It’s always fun meeting new clients and this family was a great bunch to hang out with for an afternoon. Nanci is a dear childhood friend of my mother-in-law’s and has followed my work for years. I was excited when she contacted me as her family would be home for holidays. Nanci’s daughter, Chelsea, and family live in California, so …

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Had the sweetest maternity session with this beautiful soon-to-be mama. She just has that glow about her. I had seen glimpses of the nursery, but was blown away with all the sweet, personal touches she combined to make a special place to bring baby girl home. More images of the nursery details to come. I’ve said this before, but there …

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double exposure

When you live on a ranch and photograph cows a lot sometimes they all start looking the same. I admit, they aren’t super exciting, albeit I still find something beautiful about where we live and work. Lots of wide open spaces around here. I’m always asking myself how can I make the same scene look different? Just like when I’m …

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